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50 Best Enterprise Asset Management EAM Software

OEE measures manufacturing productivity as a percentage of manufacturing time which is truly productive. Ideally, a manufacturing company would have 100% good parts with no stop time, maximum equipment operating speed, and 100% availability – but this is unattainable for many reasons. Maintenance can also be balanced, avoiding the extreme of over-maintenance, which increases cost without improving outcomes. As changes are made to the asset over time, these can be included in an “as-maintained” record. Health, safety and environmental concerns are critical for every organization.

The program can automatically scan your assets to track the latest information and has the ability to manage software licenses for all systems. IPS-Energy is an information security management system designed for power grid operators. The software can be deployed as a stand-alone EAM system or integrated with an existing ERP platform such as SAP. Key features include a powerful planning module and complete work order management and scheduling. Aptean TabWare is a leading CMMS/EAM that is tailored to the needs of large manufacturing and oil & gas companies.

enterprise asset management software

A centralized repository helps monitor and manage configuration items, as well as analyze and determine the root cause of an impact. It offers a free version for smaller companies that never expires and a 30-day trial for users to test out the functionality before committing. Mainsaver is an asset management solution with integrated enterprise capabilities. It offers real-time status reporting, work order processing and cost tracking functionalities. Enterprises can track inventory levels, sales and deliveries accurately.

Which Other Industries use Enterprise Asset Management?

The first step on your software selection journey should be to determine your specific needs from an EAM software. Feel free to use our interactive requirements template to make this step extra easy! By determining which features you’ll likely use — and, just as important, those you won’t — you’ll end up with a shortlist of features you can use to vet EAM software providers. The top solutions you ultimately identify will depend on your organization’s unique needs.

enterprise asset management software

Track and manage maintenance processes, data, and work orders from anywhere. A robust, multi-site CMMS software created to increase asset uptime, streamline operations, maximize visibility and facilitate agile preventive maintenance programs. FAMIS 360 Optimize asset reliability with facility management software for corporate real estate. EAM is used at nuclear facilities to ensure compliance with health, safety and security regulations. EAM lets asset maintenance teams manage all assets using one system with standardized processes.


With work order management, the solution streamlines scheduling of tasks, assignment of available technicians and reservation of materials. The solution also manages asset history, including maintenance activities, specifications, purchase date, assurance and expected lifetime.. The Ultimo EAM platform with its different editions can be used both as a ‘classic’ maintenance management system and as a comprehensive EAM system. In short, with a maintenance management system, you take care of the management and maintenance of your assets. With an EAM system, you go a few steps further by gaining control over the entire life cycle and through integration with other systems/processes.

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  • Most EAM suites have features for executing all typical business asset management functions.
  • Asset maintenance strategy optimization based on maintenance pipeline analysis, planned maintenance scheduling accuracy, etc.
  • It mobilizes the workforce by helping them stay on top of work orders and maintenance schedules anytime, anywhere.
  • Or do you need cradle-to-grave asset management that also includes comprehensive maintenance?

Users can integrate with other products already deployed and import all their relevant data to a single location. It takes care of the whole lifecycle of any asset that we get wich makes it so much easier for us to track the current status, when maintenance needs to be done or even when we have to change those assets. Thats when having the Enterprise Asset management becomes a critical software to make sure your system will keep running as it is intended, and with this EAM we can track it from several points. The cost of an EAM system will almost certainly depend on the size and scope of your business operation.

Benefits of enterprise asset management

Data is centralized so that managers know where an asset is, when it needs attention and what it needs. EAM may also be used to help adhere to compliance laws and regulations related to the management of assets, including privacy, quality and accessibility requirements. For example, life sciences companies can use EAM software to comply with quality specifications in the Code of Federal Regulations.

CalemEAM is a scalable CMMS that supports asset and maintenance management. Dashboards allow users to easily visualize the status of work at multiple sites. The software is available in three packages with a standalone application, native application in Salesforce, and an Enterprise deployment for the transportation sector. Track the entirety of the asset lifecycle, offering a broad, powerful way to manage many facets of the business, treating asset management as a strategic company-wide initiative. Maximized asset lifespan and rationalized asset expenditure with continuous asset performance monitoring, proactive servicing, asset risk management optimization, etc. For receiving AI-driven insights into root causes of asset abnormalities, key drivers of asset costs, predictive maintenance efficiency, etc. in the form of interactive visuals in near real-time.

enterprise asset management software

The mobile version is compatible with every mobile OS, making it easy to access information from anywhere. Anyone managing equipment and other fixed assets must juggle a constant flow of work orders, maintenance requests, and other urgent needs. Many businesses rise to meet this challenge by integrating modern software and hardware technology into their workflows.

Improve Asset Utilization & Productivity

CMMS focuses specifically on driving asset uptime and would be used predominantly by operations staff responsible for this single output. Organizations that want to manage the entire asset lifecycle, from cradle to grave, will use an EAM system. Without real-time data, it was impossible to predict and service assets proactively.

enterprise asset management software

Enterprise Asset Management applications connect to financial, permitting, and client-based data throughout your organization to streamline work processes and quantify the value of your assets. Seamlessly connect courts, public safety, and supervision agencies to ensure safer and more efficient operations for correctional facilities. Give your justice partners access to critical and sensitive data including pre-booking information from officers in the field and inmate scheduling information for the court. Teams looking to optimize asset management and ROI rely on modern EAM software, which offers a variety of key advantages.

Maintenance Strategies

Support SaaS, cloud-based deployment or hybrid cloud deployment to control costs, improve system flexibility and decrease dependency on IT. Graphically view work orders and preventive maintenance schedules on a Gantt chart. Intuitively navigate work order management to help dispatchers manage task and work dependencies.

Use optimization models can be used to automate the planning, scheduling and work management processes based on analysis. Organizations of all kinds have hundreds, thousands, even millions of assets. A midwest-based crane company in business for nearly a decade had a paper process for managing all of their maintenance and inventory. You will find the terms CMMS and EAM used interchangeably in some cases, but they differ in several important ways. While many features may overlap between the two types of systems, a CMMS can really be considered a subset of an EAM.

To select the right EAM, you must gather your unique requirements and needs to take to a company, ask for a demo, and shortlist products based on their features. By streamlining workflows and reducing asset failure rates, EAM improves your business’ ROI. Amsterdam Airport at Schiphol Avoiding delays due to equipment failure is a big win in the airport business.

What is the Difference Between EAM vs. CMMS vs. ERP?

Using real-time data and analytics, teams can act to maximize asset availability and extend asset life. An EAM strategy also makes it easier to optimize parts inventory management, scheduling, and more. Tracking contracts, supply and inventory costs, and labor provides insights into expenditure management. Finance departments and maintenance teams can work together to improve an organization’s bottom line.

Secure and compliant EAM data storage

With the rise of software-as-a-service offerings, EAM has become the product of choice for many organizations wanting to optimize performance and minimize costs. Reduced production downtimes with preventive asset maintenance based on asset history tracking and analysis. Using enterprise software for 2030 mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) to track assets and access asset data for field service. Presenting processed asset data to end users (regional, maintenance managers, production managers, technicians, etc.) to plan ongoing and strategic asset improvements.

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Software Solutions

This software has a wide range of features that include preventive maintenance management, parts tracking, and access to important remote systems. More and more companies are relying on enterprise asset management applications to gain better visibility into assets and support effective maintenance and management decision making. Get the insights you need to maximize asset reliability and minimize maintenance costs. IFS Ultimo is a leading SaaS EAM solution focused on maintenance & safety with an unparalleled time to value. IFS Ultimo is well known for rapid deployment, ease of use and seamless integrations.

Reuse your data and allow employees to transform data into insights on financial, operational, and strategic outcomes. Give stakeholders access to accurate data throughout the service delivery lifecycle. Create pro-forma invoices for completed work orders with labor and inventory to be billed to your customer. Billing integration synchronizes data to your accounting system for no-touch AR updates. Courses Free asset and maintenance management courses to help you thrive. Parts & Inventory Streamline parts consumption and purchasing with mobile friendly inventory management features.

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